Five things

Sometimes you need a space do drop some thoughts, ideas, fantasies and dreams. That stuff that fill up your head, but you need an empty brain for some fresh ideas.

I decided to do this online. How knows, somebody comes across some idea that I am playing around with and can create a flourishing business out of it. Or my dream vacation is your house, for that you might need a caretaker for a month. The thought, I disconnect from could be the innovation someone else desperately needs. Can you see the pattern?

five_2To not blast it all out (and also to give it a nice name) I try to reduced my brain dumb down to five points. These will be updated on a irregular basis, but with the frame of five, I restrain myself to not throw everything in here and keep evolving this five ideas over the time.

  1. Write a Customer Service book, that focus on the Agents work
    As an avid reader I follow trends and read a lot about customer service. When I got ask on time, what book a fresh starter in the branch should read I was able to recommend a couple of books. But they were all focused on the senior management level.
    So what isn’t out there, is a handbook for customer service representatives (CSR). When you start in this role, there are many guidelines, policy’s and (sadly) scripts out there how to handle an email, call or chat. But there is so much more knowledge, wisdom and routines which would make it way easier to provide exceptional service with ease.
  2. Reality TV concept
    For the most of us, there is a person in our life that we see almost every day, but know nothing about. Gym, Bus, Office there are so many possibilities. How about a device (equipted with a cam) that you can hand over to that person, to follow his or her for a day and share this with millions of others. They can give it to someone, they would like to know more about.
    At the end of a week, there is price. Same after a month, and a big final at the year, or a specific timeframe (season).
  3. Paint a special piece of Art
    I have a picture, or better a process in my head to produce a specific piece of Art. A painting, with different techniques. I laid out any single steps, planned the space, material and even how to sign them and if it would be possible to reproduce it. But this will stick in my head forever if I’m not actually paint it.
  4. ASMR Screenplay
    I don’t want to give away the whole story, but just imagine a love story that starts over youtube and brings together two people that were both hurt in the past, with a scary twist.
  5. Establish and manage an eSports Team.
    This one speaks for itself. It is more an organising thing that I would like to pull off, inclusive the sponsors and “of course” the world domination part, in that particular genre.