Social Media Platform Comparison

We recently covered the huge impact of social media customer service in today’s life. A single, thoughtless post and hurt your company and literally end your career before you are home from work. Some of you ask me, how the actual impact is and I reached to find some data for 2017. No surprise the Facebook still holds the top spot with 1.86 billion active users, follow by Instagram with close to a third 600 million User. You will see in the infographic that LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter and Pinterest are eager to get some share of the large user pool, that spend a lot of their time online. The question remains: Do you even Blog?

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Rules for SMCS – Social Media Customer Service

Can you remember the last day you didn’t check social media at least one time? I admit I’m a junkie and pretty sure that many of you are in the same boat. I said it a long time ago, that customer service is the new marketing and in 2018 it will grow to an extent, that you hurt your company if you ignore the voice of you customers online. Continue reading “Rules for SMCS – Social Media Customer Service”

Take a step back, to glance into the future

Over the last month I took a break from writing articles. At some point, you need to stop your routine and just listen. There is so much going on around you and a lot of changes showing up on the horizon. Even the smallest reseller has now at least e-mail, phone and live-chat support. So, in my opinion it is time to build up your structure, if you want to secure a healthy communication with your customer.

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Consistent quality by monitoring

Call center monitoring software provides quality monitoring that improves the life cycle performance of campaigns. Phone calls received by a call center are monitored to make sure that customers are given the appropriate and correct information for solving their problems. Monitoring tools can track calls from the time they are received by the call center agent to completion.

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