Employee training will boost your business

Customer service will make or break your company. In fact, businesses lose approximately $41 billion a year due to poor customer service. Of course, the product or service provided also matters. The best combination is to have excellent customer service for an exceptional product; however, customer service is so important that even a superior product accompanied by poor customer service will often fail in the long run. The hard truth is that people will look for alternatives that are delivered in a professional and appealing manner.

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How CS Consultants support your employees

In the Internet-driven world of today, contact centers have become a very resourceful facility for businesses around the world. Big companies are readily putting up contact centers to channel their customer care needs. Contact center consultants specialize in providing vendor-neutral information on various aspects of call centers, like call center software, operating equipment and relevant data systems.

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4 Rules to Keep Your Customers Happy

How much value do you place on your customers?  Let’s face it…without customers you have no sales…no profit…no business.  Yeah, they’re the key players in the marketing game.  In other words, wise marketers keep their finger on the pulse of their clientele.  The know what makes them tick and how to keep them coming back time and time again.  Here are four rules you can keep your customer’s happy and loyal.

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The Pretty Woman Theory

We’ve all seen it. Julia Roberts is shopping on Rodeo Drive. She’s dressed in her “professional” gear and gets that infamous attitude from the saleswomen. And of course, we’re all cheering when she stops back by the store in her newly purchased couture, arms laden with shopping bags and delivers my favorite line of all time. “You work on commission, right? Big mistake, huge!”

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Everyone is a customer, somewhere!

It happens to all of us. The article you ordered arrives damaged. Have you been double-charged on your credit card?  Did the poor service at that restaurant ruin your special evening? Were the flowers you ordered delivered to the wrong address?  Then it’s time you write a complaint letter that gets the situation resolved to your satisfaction.

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Social Media Platform Comparison

We recently covered the huge impact of social media customer service in today’s life. A single, thoughtless post and hurt your company and literally end your career before you are home from work. Some of you ask me, how the actual impact is and I reached to find some data for 2017. No surprise the Facebook still holds the top spot with 1.86 billion active users, follow by Instagram with close to a third 600 million User. You will see in the infographic that LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter and Pinterest are eager to get some share of the large user pool, that spend a lot of their time online. The question remains: Do you even Blog?

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