Welcome to my Atrium. Feel free to relax and make yourself comfortable in my online home.

The Latin word atrium referred to the open central court, from which the enclosed rooms led off. The atrium was the most important part of the house, where guests and clients were greeted.

Thus, now you know already how the name arose. But how am I?

Someone how loves to help people and was able to focus his passion into a profession. As a qualified and experienced Customer Service Expert / Internet Marketing Consultant / Quality Manager with over 20 years’ expertise I enjoy the daily challenges in providing customer experience strategies.

Over the last couple of years, I am fortunate to work in a top 10 of the new Fortune Future Top 50 company among side with some of the leading CS experts in the world. Together we were able to receive numerous awards and reached the top of our industry. All this while we focusing on service excellence, internal service, customer relations and deliver an epic experience for millions of loyal clients.

This is also our journey and we have just begun.

While I publish formal articles on the association websites, my blog postings are shorter, less formal, and hopefully a bit of fun. With the start of 2017 I am going to post more frequently (once a week, instead of every two month), to keep you constantly updated and entertained about the world of CS.

I encourage everyone to submit comments and questions, and I will do my best to respond to all as soon as possible.



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