Rules for SMCS – Social Media Customer Service

Can you remember the last day you didn’t check social media at least one time? I admit I’m a junkie and pretty sure that many of you are in the same boat. I said it a long time ago, that customer service is the new marketing and in 2018 it will grow to an extent, that you hurt your company if you ignore the voice of you customers online. Word-of-mouth marketing is one of the most powerful brand strategies, and customer service is the way to get customers talking. Depending on your specific industry, it’s likely that between 60 and 80 percent of your customers are on social media.

David Carroll

The Canadian musician Dave Carroll’s expensive Taylor guitar was damaged beyond repair in 2008, from improper handling by airline staff between flights. He complained about the damaged guitar to the airline. Carroll says that his fruitless negotiations with the airline lasted about nine months.

As a direct reaction, Dave and his band wrote a song about it called “United Breaks Guitars.” Shortly after the music video went live and he posted about his experience on social media, traffic to the YouTube video took off (it now has close to 15 million views). Dave has also since written two more songs about the incident, published a book and gone on speaking tours about the experience.

The guitar was worth about $3500 . It was widely reported that within 4 weeks of the video being posted online, United Airlines’ stock price fell 10%, costing stockholders about $180 million in value.

SMCS01This is a perfect example, of the power social platforms have. This all went down in 2008. We can’t even think of the reach a similar event would have today.

Embraced social media as a powerful customer service channel. Here are the major rules, you should cover in 2018

  1. Your company hopefully has a presence on the major channels. But are you using those channels for customer service and support purposes? Rethink your social care strategy and embrace the future.
  2. Be on the channels your customers are using. You know you customers, you see where they reach out to you, so don’t let them search for you. Be present where your tribe is.
  3. To hear your customer, you will need to monitor every mention of your brand in the social channels. You want to be present, if they are talking about you. There is lots of software out there to track mentions, comments, reviews, etc.
  4. Respond, respond, respond. Social media is a very fast medium, so you need to be on the edge. Fast and precise because the whole world is watching you. If you are good, be funny on top.
  5. Be authentic. Be honest, we all discover prepared responses in a second nowadays. Your presence should be alive. Reach out, share values and react to post in your branch. Be active in your community.

I hope this will help you lay out your 2018 social media strategy. If you’ll excuse me, I am going to share my latest article now.


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