How to boost your First Contact Resolution

Most industries have realized by now that customer service isn’t just answering a call. Still there are some companies struggling to get the First Contact Resolution (FCR), the leaders in Customer Experience (CX) already focusing on the next logical evolution: Next Contact Resolution (NCR). 

Customer support operator thumb show.  call center smiling operIdeal your target should be to properly address your customers need and exceed his expectations during the initial interaction. This reduce the volume of your incoming issues. When you shift your focus to NCR, what means you extend your service by anticipating and addressing future contact drivers, you will also improve your FCR, increase customer satisfaction and reduce costs. Another reason is your employee experience. With empowering your representatives to go the extra mile and transform into customer advocates your raise their satisfaction.

If for example at the end of a call your representative add, “based on our experience and reports from others customers, there is one other thing I would like to mention, to ensure that you have the solution already at hand, if this comes up.” He probably already solves an issue the call didn’t even know about. This leaves the customer not only satisfied, this is how evangelist are formed.

You all know that every customer contact is based on the relationship lifecycle, you are able to predict the future, be taking a close look at your Customer Journey Map (CJM) to identify your NCR opportunities. If you haven’t create your CJM, this is your chance to start investing in your customer’s experience. Draw out every single touchpoint, where you get in contact with your customer. While you are walking in their shoes, there will be steps the might need special attention.

legoThis will enable you to build support heroes. If a customer meets outlaid criteria’s your Reps can offer an additional (future) solution. To bring this superpower to life, you have to ensure that your agents have all the necessary information’s to spot the pattern. The usage should also be rewarded, then this will cost some extra effort. But some extra time spend on one call, is still less than getting a second which connects to the same issue. Get the right training in place to encourage your frontline staff. It might even make sense to develop new tools, which assist identifying NCR opportunities.

To build a measurable metrics, you have to set a baseline, related to your current FCR standards. The test period should be monitored closely and needs solid reporting, which then enables you to calculate the further benefits. Multi- and Omni-Channel wide integration would make the most valuable impact and therefore should be implemented is possible.

Fixing your first contact resolution by implementing the next contact resolution along your customer journey map will boost your employee experience and customer loyalty in 2016 to a new high. Don’t miss the opportunity.

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