Enrich CX by adding self-service to your omni-channel support

Many of the CS gurus are telling you, to invest more in your employees. To make them part of the company, that any single one understands your goals and lives the values on which you build your business on. If you are able to do this and constantly support your staffs, they will deliver the best service to your customer, because they belief in your company and your products. I totally agree that this is a major key for a balanced work environment, which contribute to your worker’s attitude. Following Jeffrey Gitomers easy formula what determines effective customer service “30% the ability to listen, 20% the ability to respond and 50% your attitude”, we should support our front liners. 

boysOn the other hand, you hear a lot about investing more in technology. This recommendation is built on the prognosis of the Gardner Group, that by 2020, customers will manage 85% of their relationship with a company with zero human interaction. Self-service, what was first build as a bridge to cover the night hours, develops into a 24/7 solution that attracts more and more clients. You are right, if your think that they still expect the same perfect experience as they are used to from your CS department. This underlines the outcome from the Amdocs study, done by Coleman Parkes, which showed that 91% of surveyed respondents said they would use an online knowledge base if it were available and tailored to their needs.

As I see it, this will build a gap between good and amazing CX. We will see industry leaders with top-notch support, automated and live. Highly qualified customer service representatives with a deep understanding of customer care. Self-service options at any point, fully mapped from a guided entry to the service survey. Supplemented with omni-channel support, you can even chat while you search through a company’s wiki. This will set the new standards.

Next we will find well rounded and presented live support, with little to no self-service. The live channel will still make great impressions on their contacts but the mobile generation is online all the time. The first stop will be their favourite search engine to find a solution, this is what 84% of 1000 consumers surveyed 2014 according to a Parature report. You do not want to get your loyal customer get lost in the internet, or even worth find a solution at a competitor. They need special attention and it should be your mission to find a proper “offline” solution.

E-Mail support alone won’t do the job anymore, even if it never was considered a self-service option. A knowledgebase or FAQ section, with the option to ask question. Constantly generate fresh content. Over the time your help seeking consumers will acknowledge you as trusted resource. I told you that they will use a browser search first. Ensure your content is indexed for the search engines. Make it available in as many alternative locations as possible.

Do not underestimate how essential an effective self-service offering can quickly improve your brand or organization’s customer service success.

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