Social Media Muffin Sensation

Social medial is everywhere around us. Somebody might just take a picture in you direct surroundings were you are sitting in the background, reading my blog without even recognising it.



At the time I am writing this, there are 1000+ Apps and Tools the mark them self as social media Tool. I will narrow it down to the ten most important by explaining to you, how they work and what they do for their fans.

I am eating a #Muffin
Twitter – The simplest and fastest social media platform. Text based, easy to set up and configure. While the characters are limited, there is still enough room to share links and complaints of angry customers.

I like Muffins
Facebook – For a lot of people is social media = Facebook. Build to connect with friends, sharing videos, pictures and thoughts it grows into huge marketing where fans showing support for their brands.

My skills include Muffin eating
LinkedIn – The business social media platform. Here you connect with business leaders, share article with your customers, keep up to date with industry news and recruit employees. This is the more professional way.

The best about Muffin eating
Google+ – While staring later, it combined a lot of the functionality that other platforms offered before with the largest search engine known to mankind in their back. Easy to setup and linked to all your other google Tools.

Check out my Muffin recipe
Pinterest – The DIY platform. Creative people from all over the world share their ideas, with step-by-step instructions and before and after pictures. You can setup up your account and ‘pin’ ideas from other that you like.

Look at my gorgeous Muffin
Instagram – The picture drop box and the easy link between camera and all social platforms. Once your picture is up on Instagram you can share it via Twitter and Facebook to reach a greater audience.

See me eating a Muffin
YouTube – We have all been there. Cats, commercials, sports, music or pranks YouTube is google for videos and the second largest search engine. We share, we care, we rate and we hate over YouTube.

Read my Muffin blog
Tumblr – With his unique blog form Tumblr is different. It allows to share pictures and short video clips and is fast paced and attract companies mostly for sharing product pictures and short merchandise updates.

This is where I eat Muffins
Foursquare – This app shares basically your location. This helps you to identify potential customers and regional problems as a company. But as a user, you see recommendations from friends for places all around the world.

Now listening to Muffins
Last FM – This belongs here while we all listen to music. This tool allows you to share ever single song you are listening too on Facebook. Mostly it get used to find similar genres and artist like the one you prefer to listen.



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